EOSS Technology Companies & Service Portfolio


ACL digitalises commerce and is a leading service provider for large wholesalers and brands in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.

Digitalizing commerce. Since 1999.

ACL accompanies customers on the way to a flexible, fully scalable and efficient overall solution.

With comprehensive process competence and professional software solutions, the unified commerce experts impress in the successful combination of digital and stationary trade. t serves its customers from its sites in Graz, Bärnbach, Ried, Vienna and Munich and employs around 100 people.ACL has been a pioneer in online trading since 1999 and offers modular software solutions for scalable processes. Through integrated systems, ACL solutions share information across multiple sales channels and devices in real time, providing the foundation for modern shopping experiences.

As a true cross-channel service provider, the company combines all channels in order to
further advance digitalisation in the retail sector.
ACL Commerce Platform

Order Management & Unified Commerce for multi-channel retailers with Omni-Channel requirements

Online Shop Solutions

Front-end development and PIM solutions for smaller and larger digitalisation projects

Business Process Outsourcing

Outsourcing services from accounts receivable management to customer care – for everyone who wants to concentrate on their core business.


7iD offers solutions for the digitalization of processes in global enterprises. 7iD’s Industrial IoT software guarantees future-proof applications – through complete manufacturer and technology independence.

Manufacturer-independent, cross-technology system integration

7iD Technologies stands out with its profound solution competence and a worldwide reseller network for implementing global rollouts for logistics, production, healthcare and public safety.

7iD Technologies ensures that data from the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) triggers the right processes in the downstream systems of global companies. The company offers stable, high-performance and standards-compliant software for this purpose and supports solution design, subsequent roll-out and system maintenance with its many years of experience. With a worldwide network of Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) system integration partners, 7iD is the right partner for the global implementation of automated data capture systems in logistics, manufacturing and healthcare. The focus is on track and trace solutions and technologies such as UHF RFID, GPS, Sigfox, BLE, OCR or WiFi.

Based on a highly scalable platform designed for high-security applications, the company also offers solutions for critical infrastructures in the fields of Tetra communication, energy & water and security. Here, IoT sensor data is integrated and incorporated into a BI unit to ensure system-critical functions for states and large national companies. In the course of condition monitoring, the status of important systems is monitored and controlled remotely. Extensive alerting capabilities enable efficient and predictive on-site maintenance interventions or support state security forces with incident-based tracking solutions. Particularly valuable for large customers is the pronounced future-proofing and scalability of all 7iD solutions.

Cloud-of-Things-Plattform & Middleware

Integration of technologies or sensor data for extensive industry-specific IIoT applications and industry 4.0 functions.

Industrial Identification & Real-Time Locating

The location tracking functions of 7iD enable the current or permanent location of objects on outdoor surfaces.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Software applications for tracking-supported solutions in hospitals with focus on localization and alerting functions as well as mobile patient information feeds for documentation.

Smart Country solutions for system-critical areas

Sensor platform for predictive maintenance and highly scalable framework for secure digital communication.


DevLabs is a provider of innovative services for software testing and support of software development processes through external resources. During growth phases, customers benefit from rapid and sustainable development of their core business.

Software experts

DevLabs is an international software competence center and offers a wide range of high-end services from its locations in Graz, Banja Luka and Zagreb.

Many companies lose time and money by developing suitable software instead of concentrating on their core business. In addition to technological innovations, the shortage of IT specialists is also increasingly affecting companies. New sourcing concepts integrate external capacities into agile development projects. DevLabs helps technology and software companies to grow successfully in international competition despite a shortage of qualified personnel and at the same time to build up important internal company know-how.

DevLabs succeeds in successfully handling the
outsourced projects through a proven quality process and the continuous further development of its project management techniques. In comparison to offshoring, Central European customers benefit from in the same time zone and from the especially high geographical flexibility of the DevLabs employees. Extensive language skills ensure smooth cooperation. DevLabs attaches great value to a well-qualified team; on the basis of its careful appointment process, it is able to ensure that it provides especially talented technicians and software developers.  The team covers several programming languages and programming technologies. Further project areas are mobile apps, websites or advice on the IoT protocols, AI or RFID technologies.
Automated testing as a service

With a combination of manual and automated testing, customers benefit from comprehensive QA and QAA services provided by experienced test staff.

Client exclusive teams

Developers are fully integrated into the development process. They work closely with existing customer teams.

Software development

DevLabs offers classic project services. Highly qualified developers invest passion and extensive know-how in the products.


Specialists in the areas of funding, finance, HR, marketing and communication provide active support with know-how and act as consultants for technology companies with strong execution capabilities.


Wireless Montenegro d.o.o. is responsible for the digitalisation of the public authority radio network in Montenegro and ensures the construction, operation, and maintenance of the digital radio network.

Sustainable implementation of safe communication infrastructure

As the first private-public partnership company in the country, Wireless Montenegro is responsible for the construction, operation and maintenance of the digital government radio network in Montenegro.

In several stages of expansion, the company provides long-term and almost complete network coverage for Montenegro until 2036 and beyond. The focus is on the transition of all police units from analog to digital radio. With the TETRA network, state-of-the-art technology is being used for this purpose, which meets the highest standards for critical communication and thus guarantees secure communication channels and maximum reliability. The use of network management systems for monitoring, recording and interpreting environmental and site-specific data ensures the smooth operation of the network.

TETRA Network & W-LAN

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology that meets the highest standards for critical communications.

Predictive Maintenance of Critical Structures

Network management systems guarantee the permanent and reliable functioning of the key components.


Novara überführt Facility Prozesse in das digitale Zeitalter. Mithilfe automatisierter Erfassung und Verarbeitung werden Inventardaten in Echtzeit zur Verfügung gestellt und manuelle Tätigkeiten minimiert.

Smart Inventory Management

The company’s platform redirects facility managers away from excel lists and paper-based processes towards intuitive and bundled inventory information management.

The company covers the digital spectrum from asset inventory, warehouse management and desk sharing to efficient company relocations and damage to rooms. All goods within a radius of approx. 10 metres, equipped with intelligent Novara labels, can be located in a fraction of a second and managed with mobile devices. The time-consuming serial search for fading barcodes and hidden inventory numbers is completely eliminated. Novara maps all processes across all lifecycle phases of the inventory – from production to recycling. Capture and processing is done through the use of UHF RFID hardware, combined with smart tags and state-of-the-art cloud applications. With the company’s know-how and technology, customers benefit from significant improvements in the quality, cost and time of facility management processes.

Facility Management

From digital inventory to the ultra-fast location of goods in modern facility management.


Efficient production control and automated warehouse management provide the foundation for lean production processes.


Novara enables 100% correct loading processes and deliveries – whether for large projects or daily small deliveries.


Unique and manipulation-proof ID management for transparent and loss-free relocations.


Real-Time Threat Center, RTTC for short, is an Austrian cyber security company specialising in preventive real-time analysis of IT infrastructure components and threat scenarios.

Proactive analysis of gaps in IT-security

With the help of a digital replica of the customer’s IT infrastructure, RTTC analyses existing security measures in the “threat arena”. In this way, RTTC’s platform supports organisations in identifying cyber risks at an early stage and preventively closing the corresponding security gaps.

The aim is to proactively identify digital vulnerabilities and security gaps through an independent security platform and to eliminate them at an early stage. The company’s Threat Arena offers a comprehensive, continuous analysis of risks based on exact replicas of the customer’s IT infrastructure, so-called golden images. Potential attacks are regularly simulated in the virtually replicated IT environment. In the process, certain hacking and penetration techniques are used and subsequently assessed to see how well the existing components protect against attacks. The results from the scenarios are evaluated in real time and made available to the customers immediately. Companies are thus able to recognise critical events and problems in a fraction of a second. The basis for this analysis is the platform of the renowned security company AV Comparatives.

Preventive risk analysis

Preventive Risk Analysis enables companies to holistically analyse their cyber risk strategy and react to potential threats at an early stage.

Incident Response

Rapid support with targeted incident response management. Effects of current attacks on the IT infrastructure can be tested and corrected immediately in the Golden Image.

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