Corporate Ventures & Start-up Innovation Programme

With EOSS Ventures, we operate our own innovation programme in which start-up projects are developed into successful companies. The young entrepreneurs benefit from the existing ecosystem of EOSS Technologies in several ways – above all from the existing human and financial resources of a technology group.

Support Growth Processes

With EOSS Ventures we invest in start-up projects and spin-offs. We help young, promising companies to scale and accelerate growth. As a strategic investor, we provide access to potential clients, contribute our many years of experience from well over 50 corporate investments and create an environment in which teams can succeed. Furthermore, we provide a highly effective ecosystem for start-ups. In our joint ventures with idea providers, entrepreneurs and managers, we do not act as financiers, but as co-entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurial Decisions

Following this credo, we therefore invest mainly when we can take over a relevant share of the business – and when our strategic interests coincide with those of the co-entrepreneurs. We make entrepreneurial rather than speculative investment decisions and are intensively focused on real customer projects from the very beginning. A strategy known as ‘bootstrapping’, which promotes a strong start-up culture and always keeps an eye not only on the potential but also on the risk (the ‘downside’).

Selected investments

EOSS Venture Portfolio Companies

Why EOSS Ventures?

Enabling to focus on the essential

We make sure that the management’s view can always remain focused on the essential.

Faster growth

Through deliberately induced growth spurts, our companies reach a relevant size more quickly and can push ahead with internationalisation.

Security through long-term Horizons

We act with an ‘evergreen’ approach that allows us to invest even in more defensive projects.

In 5 points to the investment

How to get an EOSS investment

to our Five-Point guideline
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