Fast Results to Drive Decisions – GENSPEED Biotech offers complete OEM testing solutions based on a unique technology platform. A new generation of rapid tests for medical diagnostics and various industrial applications can be developed or adapted from existing tests.

Around 70% of medical decisions are determined by diagnostic tests. As we are in the era of precision medicine, tailored therapies and artificial intelligence, the importance of fast and at the same time precise diagnostics in medicine becomes more and more important. So-called strip tests (lateral flow immunochemistry assays, e.g.: pregnancy tests) and miniaturized laboratory devices (e.g.: blood glucose devices) are considered pioneers. Strip tests impress mainly by low costs and easy handling, but lose significantly in terms of sensitivity, quantifiability and multiple parameters. Laboratory diagnostics, on the other hand, impresses with high sensitivity and quantifiability. However, this has the disadvantage that tests can only be performed in the laboratory, with a lot of manual work or large laboratory equipment making diagnostics expensive and slow. With its patented GENSPEED® technology, Genspeed Biotech has combined the respective advantages of both technologies and provides the perfect basis for point-of-care

Next generation testing. The innovative technology combines microfluidics, miniaturized optoelectronics and automation to provide simple and accurate results in the field, just like in the laboratory. Up to 8 different analytes such as bacteria, viruses and other biomarkers can be determined in less than 10 minutes from just one sample. RNA and proteins are detected directly, DNA indirectly (after performing a polymerase chain reaction). Therefore, GENSPEED is the perfect partner for manufacturers of LFIAs to enable multiplexing, increased sensitivity and quantifiability, as well as for laboratory test manufacturers to make tests more affordable and bring them to the point-of-care. In addition to the platform, an IVD-CE certified product portfolio of test kits for rapid detection of key hospital and periodontal pathogens was launched: Genspeed® HAI and PerioPOC®. In close cooperation with a number of international partners, GENSPEED is developing further test kits based on GENSPEED® technology.

Max Sonnleitner
Christoph Blaschitz
Location Rainbach

Gewerbepark 2
A-4261 Rainbach
+43 664 819 2993

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