7iD Technologies

7iD offers solutions for the digitalization of processes in large companies. The Industrial IoT software from 7iD ensures future-proof applications – through complete vendor and technology independence. The focus is on track & trace solutions (RFID, BLE, etc.) and the logistics, production, healthcare and public safety sectors. At the same time, the company impresses with in-depth solution expertise and a worldwide reseller network for the implementation of global rollouts.

7iD Technologies makes sure that data from the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) triggers the right processes in the downstream systems of global companies. The company offers high-performance, standards-compliant software for this purpose and uses its many years of experience to provide support in solution design, subsequent roll-out and system maintenance. With a worldwide network of Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) system integration partners, 7iD is the right partner for the global implementation of automated data capture systems.

The focus is on the technological flagship discipline of RAIN RFID (UHF). On the software side, 7iD builds its solutions on a powerful platform that integrates IoT sensor data and ties it into a BI unit. The entire data collection infrastructure can be configured and monitored. The platform can cope with highly complex requirements in the UHF environment and at the same time impresses with extreme stability.

Particularly valuable for large customers is the pronounced security for the future and scalability of all 7iD solutions: The own software enables full independence from individual manufacturers or technologies. In addition to RFID, BLE and Wifi, all relevant IIoT technologies or sensor data can be integrated. Based on this, 7iD offers with its Cloud-of-Things platform extensive industry-specific IIoT applications for Industry 4.0 functions such as real-time track & trace of objects or people, asset management, emergency location and alerting, predictive maintenance or critical digital communication systems.

Through GS1 EPCglobal standardization and complete hardware vendor independence, 7iD promises its customers a sustainable investment and flexibility for many years to come. Successful 7iD solutions are in operation on four continents worldwide, including customers in the automotive, logistics, manufacturing, healthcare and public safety sectors such as Ford Motors, Thales or DHL.

Gerhard Gangl

Headquarters Graz
Straßganger Str. 291
8053 Graz
+43 316 716 720

Location Munich

Am Söldnermoss 17
D-85399 Halbergmoos/München
+43 316 716 720

Location Clearwater

FL 33761, USA
+43 316 716 720

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