Intelligent data management for manufacturing companies and modern countries

Intelligent data management connects the real with the digital world

We put data from the networked world of objects, machines and people into the right context. In this way, the integration and centralization of sensor data and IoT technology secures global processes and creates new value creation potential for automotive, manufacturing, logistics and future-oriented countries.

The challenge of digital transformation

We offer solutions for the digitization of processes in large companies, organizations and countries. For industrial applications, this is often summarized under the term Industrial IoT; in the government sector, it is often referred to as Smart Cities or Smart Countries. Individual data is put into the right context in real time to create more efficient, technologically advanced and environmentally friendly solutions.

With real-time identification and locating services, material tracking, yard logistics solutions, the digitalization of intralogistics and solutions for critical communication, this results in added value for production, the supply chain and countries. We support our customers in the implementation of complex requirements with in-depth industry knowledge. Guaranteed future-proof.

Smart Enterprise & Country: The EOSS Technologies service portfolio


7iD offers solutions for the digitalization of processes in global enterprises. 7iD’s Industrial IoT software guarantees future-proof applications – through complete manufacturer and technology independence.

Manufacturer-independent, cross-technology system integration

7iD Technologies stands out with its profound solution competence and a worldwide reseller network for implementing global rollouts for logistics, production, healthcare and public safety.

7iD Technologies ensures that data from the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) triggers the right processes in the downstream systems of global companies. The company offers stable, high-performance and standards-compliant software for this purpose and supports solution design, subsequent roll-out and system maintenance with its many years of experience. With a worldwide network of Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) system integration partners, 7iD is the right partner for the global implementation of automated data capture systems in logistics, manufacturing and healthcare. The focus is on track and trace solutions and technologies such as UHF RFID, GPS, Sigfox, BLE, OCR or WiFi.

Based on a highly scalable platform designed for high security applications, the company also offers solutions for critical infrastructures in the fields of Tetra communication, energy & water and security. Here, IoT sensor data is integrated and incorporated into a BI unit to ensure system-critical functions for states and large national companies. In the course of condition monitoring, the status of important systems is monitored and controlled remotely. Extensive alerting capabilities enable efficient and predictive on-site maintenance interventions or support state security forces with incident-based tracking solutions. Particularly valuable for large customers is the pronounced future-proofing and scalability of all 7iD solutions.

Cloud-of-Things-Plattform & Middleware

Integration of technologies or sensor data for extensive industry-specific IIoT applications and industry 4.0 functions.

Industrial Identification & Real-Time Locating

The location tracking functions of 7iD enable the current or permanent location of objects on outdoor surfaces.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Software applications for tracking-supported solutions in hospitals with focus on localization and alerting functions as well as mobile patient information feeds for documentation.

Smart Country solutions for system-critical areas

Sensor platform for predictive maintenance and highly scalable framework for secure digital communication.


Wireless Montenegro d.o.o. is responsible for the digitalisation of the public authority radio network in Montenegro and ensures the construction, operation, and maintenance of the digital radio network.

Sustainable implementation of safe communication infrastructure

As the first private-public partnership company in the country, Wireless Montenegro is responsible for the construction, operation and maintenance of the digital government radio network in Montenegro.

In several expansion stages, the company will ensure long-term and almost complete network coverage of Montenegro until 2036 and beyond. The focus is on converting all police units from analog to digital radio. The TETRA network is a state-of-the-art technology that meets the highest standards for critical communications, guaranteeing secure communication channels and maximum reliability. The use of network management systems for monitoring, recording and interpreting environment- and site-specific data ensures the smooth operation of the network.

TETRA Network & W-LAN

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology that meets the highest standards for critical communications.

Predictive Maintenance of Critical Structures

Network management systems guarantee the permanent and reliable functioning of the key components.

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