Life Sciences

New, efficient and more sustainable solutions for a better life.

Innovation as a link for groundbreaking solutions

Innovative technologies and approaches combined with knowledge from biology, genetics, medicine and pharmacy open up countless opportunities for our society. In the process, we are helping to shape a better future: Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are enabling revolutionary concepts that are significantly shaping the future of the fields of medical technology and bioinformatics. New pharmaceutical strategies support a constant supply of the best products.

Bioinformatics, technology and pharmaceuticals as important cornerstones of society

Revolutionary ideas that harness the power of digitization to create more efficient and ecologically sustainable processes are more important than ever before. Bioinformatics as well as technological advancements in the healthcare sector are indispensable to efficiently analyze data and break new ground. In the pharmaceutical sector, too, new strategies and innovations are increasingly ensuring flexibility and the supply of first-class products. At EOSS, we therefore focus today on supporting the pharmaceutical, white biotech, chemical as well as medical sectors, among others. Our solutions are making a significant contribution to driving the future in these industries.


Flexible pharmaceutical company with great potential for European manufacturing of contrast agents and APIs.

Contract manufacturing of pharmaceutical specialties

As one of the world’s major suppliers and contract manufacturers (CMO) of generic contrast agents, Sanochemia already offers some of the most established CT/XRT and MRI products on the market.

The current focus is on the development, production and distribution of drugs, particularly for radiology, neurology and oncology. Especially in the area of contract manufacturing of specialties, the company plans to offer itself to large pharmaceutical companies as a European ‘second source’ for the production of specialty active ingredients. On-site partnerships with local B2B partners ensure adequate market access in over 35 countries, and international expansion is to be further intensified. A solid basis for future developments is provided by many years of experience as a manufacturer of contrast agents for diagnostic imaging and active ingredients.

Contrast agents

Focus on the development, production and distribution of contrast media for X-ray, computed tomography and magnetic resonance procedures with a focus on radiology and neurology.

Drug synthesis

Development and production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). The scope of activities ranges from new laboratory processes to upscaling and ton scale production.


GMP compliant manufacturing of high quality pharmaceuticals in solid, liquid, semi-solid as well as injectable dosage forms.

Revolutionizing enzyme research

Revolutionizing enzyme research supports the future of pharma and white biotech.

Discover novel enzymes in-silico

With the digital enzyme search platform, product launch times are significantly reduced. This leads to faster production, new and better products as well as sustainable processes and cost savings.

Predicting novel enzymes for sustainable, green and resource-efficient products and processes for industrial and pharmaceutical applications is one of the key challenges of modern biotechnology. As a fully digital laboratory, we use data mining, algorithms and artificial intelligence to identify enzymes for existing or upcoming biocatalytic industrial processes. A unique enzyme search engine enables breakthrough enzyme discoveries.


In-Silico Enzyme Search

The technology combines bioinformatics methods with artificial intelligence to search structural enzyme databases and significantly reduce time-to-market.

Enzyme Identification Service

Based on structural properties or active sites, Innophore assists in the search for potential enzyme candidates for reactions or processes.

Drug Discovery and Repurposing

In-silico prediction of unanticipated adverse events prior to clinical trials. Screening opportunities for repurposing existing, novel, or abandoned drugs.

Supercomputing als Private- oder Public Cloud

The technology is operated via a private or public cloud, depending on requirements. Packages are available as Basic, Advanced or Premium.


Latest POCT systems close the gap between rapid and laboratory testing. The unique GENSPEED xPOC Immuno Multiplex technology enables the step towards personalized medicine.

Unique technology platform for rapid testing

Genspeed offers complete OEM test solutions based on a unique technology platform. A new generation of rapid tests for medical diagnostics and various industrial applications can be developed or adapted from existing tests.

The advancement of biosensors, microfluidics, assay formats, lab-on-a-chip technologies now enable quantifiable results, at the same cost as rapid tests. Modern POC testing thus facilitates decision-making processes and enables tailored therapy, tailored to specific patient findings. Consequently, better diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of diseases can be ensured. The innovative technology combines microfluidics, miniaturized optoelectronics and automation to provide simple and accurate results in the field, just like in the laboratory. Up to 8 different analytes such as bacteria, viruses and other biomarkers can be determined in less than 10 minutes from just one sample.

xPOC - Multiplex Biomarker Quantification

Analysis of a patient sample with up to 8 parameters simultaneously, directly on site, in a few minutes with high sensitivity.

Platform technology for OEM partners

Our platform enables the development of new markets or adaptation to the increasing regulatory requirements for rapid tests.

COVID-19 Quick tests

With a series of 3 rapid tests we offer the following tests antibody antigen as well as a combined variant.

Periodontitis test portfolio

Fully automated microbiological analysis for patients at increased risk of periodontitis or peri-implantitis directly in the practice in under 15 minutes.

Hospital Germs Test Portfolio

Rapid detection of all relevant hospital germs in less than 100 minutes.


Innovative medical technology solutions that increase safety and efficiency in hospitals and reduce
and reduce costs are the focus of Medovis.

Best possible treatment through first-class tools

Medovis is intensively involved in new technologies – from innovative surgical instruments, disposable and reusable items to software solutions that optimize processes of healthcare facilities.

A key focus of Medovis is the global search for the most innovative medical technology tools for hospitals. This provides doctors and nurses with first-class tools and patients with the best possible treatment and chance of recovery. The constant focus on technical innovations enables the independent development of surgical instruments and techniques in close cooperation with leading physicians and nurses.

Innovative surgical instruments

Instruments are continuously developed further, thus directly advancing medical progress.

First class disposable & reusable medical supplies

State-of-the-art products for the best possible treatment and chance of recovery for patients.

Software solutions for clinical processes

Solutions for process optimization and safety in everyday clinical practice. Wireless Medical and ProAct provide mobile documentation of patient information as well as remote monitoring of persons at risk.

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