EOSS expands Renewable Energy Division with plant manufacturer BDI

1024 683 EOSS Industries Holding GmbH

Graz-based EOSS Industries, Kanzler Verfahrenstechnik and the Rieckermann Group announce their strategic cooperation and the acquisition of BDI-BioEnergy International GmbH.

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AI assisting researchers in Graz

1024 410 EOSS Industries Holding GmbH

Using AI from Styria to convert CO2 into biofuel, break down pet bottles into chemicals or assess the danger of viruses. With the help of Innophore’s platform, biological reactions can be predicted in the middle of Graz.

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Artificial intelligence against viruses

1024 473 EOSS Industries Holding GmbH

Innophore predicts mutations with digital technology: Our portfolio company was featured in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, one of the most important national daily and business newspapers in Germany and the…

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Innophore as finalist in largest drug search programme against Covid-19

1024 683 EOSS Industries Holding GmbH

The largest digital drug search programme in history: Our subsidiary Innophore GmbH, together with its partners Google and Harvard, has reached the finals of the “JEDI Billion Molecules against Covid19…

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Coronavirus – Innophore researches with Harvard and Google

903 383 EOSS Industries Holding GmbH

Some two billion possible agents are going to be tested during the world’s largest computer-aided screening project. Styrian research is again attracting international attention with its research on the coronavirus:…

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COVID-19 research with INNOPHORE in the high security laboratory.

1024 676 EOSS Industries Holding GmbH

The search for effective drugs against the coronavirus is ongoing worldwide – also in the BSL3 high-security laboratory in Graz. Thick protective suits, safety locks and disinfectant showers are the…

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INNOPHORE and the Future of Artificial Intelligence

773 447 EOSS Industries Holding GmbH

Increasingly sophisticated applications of artificial intelligence dominate everyday life and industry. Styrian magazine Spirit of Styria explains why AI is the gold of digitalization and how Innophore’s AI algorithm for…

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512 289 EOSS Industries Holding GmbH

With “Drug and Enzyme Discovery” the Styrian start-up Innophore has already gained attention outside the European borders in recent years. Innophore has now also made its knowledge available to the…

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980 657 EOSS Industries Holding GmbH

With the enzyme and drug discovery platform Catalophore and the Human Cavitom Project for the identification of active ingredients for the treatment of novel diseases, Innophore’s team was awarded second…

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Styrian STARTUP in high demand: INNOPHORE in search of active ingredient

594 547 EOSS Industries Holding GmbH

The Innophore team is working with a group of selected bioinformaticians from a leading pharmaceutical company in Beijing to propose potential drugs against coronavirus. The Innophore team is working with…

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