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705 571 EOSS Technologies Holding GmbH

Merger on the European pet market EOSS Technologies is imposing a growth strategy on its activities in the food and…

Politische Pharmastrategie von EOSS gefor
Sanochemia: Driving force innovation and domestic production
863 656 EOSS Technologies Holding GmbH

Sanochemia is expected to contribute to the security of supply of pharmaceuticals in the future. According to Thomas Erkinger, this…

Groundbreaking combined COVID-19 rapid test from GENSPEED
683 1024 EOSS Technologies Holding GmbH

Genspeed Biotech is developing the first COVID19 point-of-care test, which makes it possible to test both infected and recovered patients…

Innovative Lifescience Division with important role in the Corona pandemic
893 595 EOSS Technologies Holding GmbH

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, several EOSS companies in the life science segment are playing an increasingly important…

EOSS becomes the largest shareholder in SANOCHEMIA
1024 683 EOSS Technologies Holding GmbH

Since the beginning of April, EOSS Technologies has become the largest shareholder in the Austrian pharmaceuticals producer Sanochemia Pharmazeutika, holding…

EOSS donates intensive care ventilator for Montenegro
1024 683 EOSS Technologies Holding GmbH

EOSS Technologies is supporting the government of Montenegro in its comprehensive measures to combat the corona pandemic. With a donation…

Coronavirus: Innophore researches together with Harvard and Google
512 289 EOSS Technologies Holding GmbH

Some two billion possible agents are going to be tested during the world’s largest computer-aided screening project. Styrian research is…

Innophore and the future of artificial intelligence
773 447 EOSS Technologies Holding GmbH

Ever more advanced applications of artificial intelligence dominate everyday life and industry. The Styrian magazine Spirit of Styria explains why…

Umbenennung EOSS Technologies
EOSS Industries becomes EOSS Technologies
1024 722 EOSS Technologies Holding GmbH

With a broad portfolio of technologies, products and solutions, EOSS has been supporting leading companies for more than 15 years…

Styrian start-up highly appreciated: Innophore in search of drug substance
594 547 EOSS Technologies Holding GmbH

The Innophore-Team is working with a group of selected bioinformaticians of a leading pharmaceutical company in Beijing on proposals for…

Innophore supports in the fight against coronavirus
785 493 EOSS Technologies Holding GmbH

With “Drug and Enzyme Discovery” the Styrian start-up Innophore has already gained attention outside the European borders in recent years.…

DevLabs Group continues to grow and takes over new location in Zagreb
703 722 EOSS Technologies Holding GmbH

s a provider of innovative services for software testing and the support of software development processes, the DevLabs Group is…

Styrian start-up successfully kicks off with enzyme search engine in China.
563 750 EOSS Technologies Holding GmbH

Initial orders and great interest for our portfolio company Innophore within the chinese market. The enzyme search engine of the…

Innophore: Searching for enzymes with 3D technology
930 574 EOSS Technologies Holding GmbH

The Austrian magazine “Trend” reports on our investment company Innophore . The unique platform saves time and money in the…

Fresno: Exclusive license for premium pet food VIVALDI
1024 684 EOSS Technologies Holding GmbH

With its high-quality standards for pet food, the brand VIVALDI has gained great importance in the pet food market. VIVALDI…

EOSS Portfolio Companies among the Top Startups in Styria
1024 734 EOSS Technologies Holding GmbH

Rich in ideas & strong in growth: Two of our portfolio companies are among the top startups in Styria. Innophore…

GENSPEED as “Sherlock Holmes of the modern medical world.”
1024 878 EOSS Technologies Holding GmbH

The largest Austrian daily newspaper reports about our portfolio company Genspeed. Genspeed offers a new generation of point-of-care tests for…

Innophore: EOSS ecosystem supports sustainable growth
565 430 EOSS Technologies Holding GmbH

We support innovative young companies within their growth process. With our ecosystem, we sustainably promote customer focus and jointly build up important…

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