EOSS Industries becomes EOSS Technologies

1024 722 EOSS Technologies Holding GmbH

Renaming EOSS Technologies

With a broad portfolio of technologies, products and solutions, EOSS has been supporting leading companies for more than 15 years to increase their future potential. The focus is on having satisfied customers. Through an innovative technological product portfolio, the company creates new business potentials and realises the digital vision of the future for its customers.

“Our goal is to communicate the power of our technology portfolio in an even more concentrated way than before,” says EOSS Managing Director Thomas Erkinger. For this reason, the company was renamed from EOSS Industries to EOSS Technologies in February 2020. “‘This highlights the technological areas that we have very strong positions in’. These include bioinformatics & medical technology, software & digital platforms, smart enterprise & smart country and future commerce.

EOSS combines the advantages of an integrated technology company with the flexibility and strategic resources of an investment holding: “Our approach makes us special. We see ourselves as an attractive partner for all those who want to take a step forward. Whether it is through technology, innovation or a growth partnership”, Erkinger continues.

With ‘EOSS Ventures’, the company will continue to operate its own entrepreneurial innovation programme. Young companies or in-house entrepreneurial projects receive initial help and growth support from the ecosystem of a technology company.

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