For efficient and ecologically sustainable processes

Innovation as a connective link for groundbreaking solutions

Innovative digital technologies combined with expertise in biology, genetics, medicine and pharmacy open up countless opportunities for our society. Artificial intelligence and Big Data enable revolutionary concepts that will significantly shape the future of medical technology and bioinformatics.

Bioinformatics and technology as cornerstones of society

Revolutionary ideas that exploit the possibilities of digitalisation to make processes more efficient and at the same time more environmentally sustainable are becoming more important than ever before. Bioinformatics and technological progress in the health sector are indispensable for the efficient analysis of data and for breaking new ground. At EOSS, we therefore focus on supporting the white biotech, pharmaceutical, chemical and medical sectors, among others. Our solutions contribute significantly to driving the future in these industries.

Bioinformatics & Health-Tech: The EOSS Technologies service portfolio


Revolutionary enzyme research supports the future of the pharmaceutical and white biotech sectors.

Discover novel enzymes in-silico

With the digital enzyme search engine, the number of wet chemical tests is brought to a minimum and product launch times are reduced significantly. This leads to faster production, new and better products, sustainable processes and cost savings.

The prediction of novel enzymes for sustainable, green and resource-efficient products and processes for industrial and pharmaceutical applications is one of the central challenges of modern biotechnology. As a fully digital laboratory, Innophore uses data mining, algorithms and artificial intelligence to identify enzymes for existing or upcoming biocatalytic industrial processes. A unique enzyme search engine enables groundbreaking discoveries of enzymes.

Bioinformatics serves as a link between life sciences and computer sciences. Bioinformatics develops algorithms and programs that simulate biochemical processes and analyze molecular biological data. Supplemented by artificial intelligence and machine learning, bioinformatics makes a decisive contribution to understanding molecular biological processes in an organism and using these findings for the future of industrial development and production.

In-Silico enzyme search

The technology combines bioinformatics methods with artificial intelligence to search structural enzyme databases and significantly reduce time to market.

Enzyme identification services

Based on structural features or active sites, Innophore supports the search for potential enzyme candidates for reactions or processes.

Drug discovery & repurposing

In-Silico prediction of unexpected side-effects before clinical trials. Screening of repurposing opportunities of existing, novel or abandoned drugs.

Supercomputing as private- oder public cloud

The technology is operated via a private or a public cloud, depending on requirements. Packages are available as Basic, Advanced or Premium.


Latest POCT systems close the gap between rapid tests and laboratory tests. The unique GENSPEED xPOC Immuno Multiplex Technology enables the step towards personalized medicine.

Unique technology platform for rapid tests

GENSPEED Biotech develops, produces and sells rapid diagnostic tests based on the patented GENSPEED technology.

The ongoing evolution of biosensors, microfluidics, assay formats, lab-on-a-chip technologies today enables quantifiable results at the same cost as rapid tests. Modern POC tests thus facilitate decision-making processes and enable a tailor-made therapy, adapted to the specific diagnostic results of patients. Consequently, better diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of diseases can be guaranteed. The innovative technology combines microfluidics, miniaturized optoelectronics and automation to deliver on-site results as easily and accurately as in the laboratory. Up to 8 different analytes such as bacteria, viruses and other biomarkers can be determined from a single sample in less than 10 minutes.

xPOC - Multiplex-biomarker-quantification

Simultaneous analysis of a patient sample with up to 8 parameters, directly on site, in a few minutes with high sensitivity.

Platform technology for OEM partners

The platform enables the expansion into new markets or adaptation to the increasing regulatory requirements for rapid tests.

Periodontitis test-portfolio

Fully automated microbiological analysis for patients with increased risk of periodontitis or peri-implantitis directly in the dental office in less than 15 minutes.

Hospital germs test-portfolio

Rapid detection of all relevant hospital germs in less than 100 minutes.


Innovative solutions in medical technology that increase safety and efficiency in hospitals
as well as reduce costs are the main focus at Medovis

Best possible treatment with first-class tools

Medovis is intensively involved with new technologies – from innovative surgical instruments, through disposable and reusable items, to software solutions that optimise processes in healthcare facilities.

A major focus of Medovis is worldwide scouting for the most innovative medical instruments for hospitals, which will offer doctors and care personnel the best tools and will give patients the best possible treatment and chances of recovery. Its constant involvement with technical innovations means that Medovis is also capable of further developing surgical instruments and techniques together with the manufacturers and in close cooperation with leading doctors and care providers.

Innovative surgical instruments

Instruments are continuously enhanced, thus directly advancing medical progress.

First-class medical single & multiple use products

State-of-the-art products for the best possible treatment and recovery of patients.

Software solutions for clinical processes

Solutions for process optimization and safety in everyday clinical practice. Wireless Medical and ProAct provide mobile documentation of patient information and remote monitoring of persons at risk.

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